5 TED Talks on Money That’ll Help You Get Ahead Financially

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Earning more money is definitely not easy, but keeping and controlling it is even harder. And yet, you might feel overwhelmed and don’t know which way to turn while taking care of your financial issues.

In situations like this, it may be better to learn more about how to get your finances under control. And what better way to do this than to watch an inspirational TED talk on money? If you’re in the state of being stuck and want to boost your motivation, the following list of TED talks on money will help you get out of the hole you’re in right now.

If you’re in debt, then I would definitely read Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover which you can check out hereHe’s helped MILLIONS of people climb their way out of debt and have financial peace and securitySo DEFINITELY check him out!

Also! He has another great book called the Legacy Journey which is a great read. Check it out here!

One Life-Changing Class, You Never Took

In this TED talk by Alexa Von Tobel, the message is simply about making smart financial decisions at present to have a brighter future. Tobel claims that most Americans make at least 6-10 financial decisions in a day that hurt their money situation. So to avoid a hard future, she proposes some suggestions.

Click here for the video.

3 Psychological Tricks to Help You Save Money

Do you find it extremely hard to save money? Well this TED talk will give you some advice, not from a money expert, but a behavioral scientist named Wendy De La Rosa. She introduces a psychological perspective towards saving money.

Click here for the video.

Saving for Tomorrow, Tomorrow

In his talk, Economist Shlomo Benartzi raises the issue of behavioral finance; that is, the combination of psychology and economics dealing with how people manage their money. Benartzi states that two-thirds of Americans don’t save for retirement at all. And in his talk, he goes over this problem and gives a great solution.

Click here for the video.

Let’s Get Honest About Our Money Problems

Talking on money is easy, but do we talk about our money problems honestly and openly? After her brother ended his life due to his money problems, Tammy Lally brings the issue of “money shame” and encourages us to remove that shame and speak openly about money.

Click here for the video!

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