About Me

Hey there, I’m Andreas. I am a Husband, Father, Army Combat Veteran and Author of Better Days Ahead.

Of course, things didn’t start that way.
Only a few years ago, I was in debt and clueless about managing money. That all changed when we were on the verge of being evicted while my wife was pregnant. After we were able to scrape together the money to starve of eviction I drew the line in the sand that day and made a promise to my family that we will “Never Be Broke Again.”

That day I heard two powerful verses from Proverbs 21, and I learned that anyone can become a wise manager of the money they have—whether it’s a lot or a little.

God spoke to me that day—loud and clear—and from that
point on I had the “money bug.”
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For the next few years, I read every financial book and article I could get my hands on,
listened to podcasts and talked about money with anyone who would listen.
I launched www.NeverBeBrokeAgain.com with one goal: help people take control
of their money and future once and for all.
I’m a husband and father in my early 30s who learned personal finance because I had no other choice. No, I don’t have special superpowers, but I’ve learned battled-tested strategies that have helped me take control of my money. After battling tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I set out to discover the best ways to achieve financial freedom!
The only real superpower I have learned is that it is possible to take control of your money if you’re willing to learn and implement the right strategies. And I want to share those strategies with others who find themselves on a similar journey who want to live life on their terms.
If that’s you, I hope you’ll stick around and join us. It’s going to be an incredible journey! I’m feeling very hopeful about our family’s future. I want to share that excitement, the details on our past successes (and failures) and plans for our next steps with you.